Top Three Website Design Trends

June 20, 2020


Top Three Design Trends to consider when designing or re-freshing your website

Every year, I am astounded by the creativity of website designers. Websites take on a new look and feel every year and it is important for your website to continue to refresh every two to three years, in order to keep up with current trends.

The following is a list of a few of the most recent trends to consider for your website:

Dark Mode: Browsers are doing it, so why not websites. In fact, browsers allow users to turn on dark mode (dark theme or night mode) for websites using a feature called prefers-color-scheme. So why not develop your website in dark mode already. Dark themes allow the other elements on your website pop. It could also assist older users whose eyesight is not what it used to be, see your website more clearly.

Dark Mode WebsiteWordPress Theme by Catch Themes

There are other benefits to using dark mode as well, including saving battery life on mobile and reducing eye strain if done right. Keep in mind that dark mode won’t work for all websites. If you want to inspire uplifting, bright, happy emotions when a user visits your website, bright colors would likely be a better option. Dark mode could work for brands that are focused on nightlife, entertainment, blogs and certain services, just to name a few.

Minimalist Navigation & Website Elements: As mobile continues to gain momentum as the more popular medium for searching for and visiting websites (mobile now accounts for more than half of global online traffic and over 60% of all organic search engine visits in the US and is expected to double in the next two years), website design has started to take a minimalist approach in order to fit more elements on smaller screens.

Minimalist Website DesignWordPress theme by Elegant Themes

There are many advantages of using a minimalist design, including but not limited to: faster page loading speed and performance, easy maintenance, better conversions, easier navigation, allows for better focus on content, improved user experience, looks better on mobile and tablet.

3D, Interactive and Animation Website Elements: The technology that allows us to develop and display 3Dimensional imagery online is called WebGL and although it was first realease over 10 years ago, it is only just starting to trend now. Now that Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular as well as more affordable, it makes sense that websites will need to step up their games with more 3D and animation.

3D Web DesignWordPress theme by Elegant Themes

One of the benefits of adding 3D to your website is that it will be automatically responsive and once you have a 3D website, you will be VR-ready right away. Animation can make your website a bit more engaging and add some personality if done right. You can also add micro-interactions for some interactive action. In this case, the animation responds to what a user does on a page


Other Design Trends

This year, you will likely see a lot more websites with galaxy, or other-worldly looking designs or websites that have their own unique and somewhat messy, illustrations. You will also see more social proof elements that show evidence of your success with other visitors. Charts, graphs and other data visualization elements have also become more popular in getting information to users. And finally, websites are becoming more accessible, which allows websites to reach users that were previously left out.

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