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Vail Valley Pharmacy

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Vail Valley Pharmacy

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A Breakthrough You Won’t Want to Miss!

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A Breakthrough You Won’t Want to Miss!

One of our clients, Vail Valley Pharmacy, located in Edwards, CO, will be holding a very educational and informative Wellness Days event on July 10th and 11th.  If you are in the area and can attend, we highly recommend it.  If you are unable to attend, you can schedule a private wellness consultation and still receive the same special offer as if you attended:  $20 off $100+ Metagenics orders.

Simply visit 105 Edwards Village Blvd in Edwards, CO  81632 on July 10th or 11th, 2014 or call 970.569.4150 or email them today.

Is your Website ready for the Holidays?

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Is your Website ready for the Holidays?

It is hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner…. again!  Everyone is starting to look for holiday offers now.  There are so many options for merchants selling retail and services on the Web to help them get the traffic and conversions they are hoping for.  Below, we have listed some of WebDevLite’s recommendations to help you get ready for the Holidays:

  1. Create a Holiday offer schedule.  You could have three or four different offers for the holidays that you rotate through on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.  We have found that sitewide percent off and free shipping are the most successful offers, but you could do percent off a specific brand, category or service as well.  BOGO and free gifts with purchase can help drive sales as well.  We have found that specific product sales do not perform as well unless the product is in high demand.  There are many different options with regards to offering a discount or something extra to push that sale.  WebDevLite can review the products and services that you offer and make recommendations.
  2. Share an Offer.  Take advantage of this time of the year to share your offers and ask your customers to share their offers with their friends.  In return, offer them a little ‘thanks for sharing’ bonus.  This is a great strategy for increasing your ‘likes’ & ‘followers’ as well as sales.  WebDevLite would be happy to help you implement this functionality on your site.
  3. Dynamic Retargeting or Remarketing  Have you ever noticed that there are some websites that you visit that display ads for merchants that you have engaged with in the recent past?  In this scenario, you are experiencing, first-hand, how retargeting works, and it is a great resource for improving your conversion rate and increasing ROI by targeting a more qualified audience based on past activity.  We can recommend the best re-targeting / re-marketing service for your needs as well as assist you with setting up your campaigns.
  4. Affiliate Marketing for the holidays.  This is the best time of year for Affiliate marketers.  Everyone is looking for an offer this time of year.  Loyalty or cash back websites are getting more and more popular because they provide some type of kickback to their visitors.  They are generally free for the consumer to sign up, they partner with thousands of merchants in all different categories, their websites are well-organized, provide great offers year-round and even better offers for the holidays, and they offer a percentage in cash, rewards or charity donations back to the consumer.  The Affiliates (loyalty sites) are happy because they receive a percentage of every sale, the Consumer is happy because they receive a discount and some type of reward, and the Merchant is happy because they generally increase sales up to 15 % as well as find many new customers that they wouldn’t have otherwise reached without the Affiliate’s help.  WebDevLite can help you get started with your Affiliate Marketing Campaign and even assist you in managing it year-round.
  5. Create interest around your products and services via compelling stories, imagery, video and/or updates.  Social media updates, email marketing, videos, Pinterest imagery, and blog entries can really help increase your ROI if you keep it fresh, fun, fancy and frequent (The four Fs).  These are great strategies for sharing your offers and creating a buzz for new products or holiday specific items.  If you could get just one entry to go viral, you have done your job!  Guess what?  We can help you get creative and even assist with your daily, weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly updates.
  6. Contests and Giveaways.  Everyone loves a freebie.  Contests are fun!  This is a great time of year to participate in contests and giveaways.  Whether you want to host your own Twitter party or partner with various popular blogs that are interested in giving away your products to help drive traffic to your site, you can be sure to increase traffic, conversions and ROI if you do it right.  Allow WebDevLite to assist you with recommending a strategy that would work best for your company and your products/services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about these holiday strategies and request your proposal!


Brownberry New York Gives Back!

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For more information on the events and partnership, please
visit or contact


About the Founder: Eight years ago creator and founder, Meredith Fish, was diagnosed with Livedo Reticularis, an untreatable skin condition that causes dramatic skin discoloration

Meredith-Fish-Portraitpredominantly on the arms and legs. Systemically Meredith was healthy. Aesthetically she felt cursed.

As Meredith’s condition worsened in the cold, the sun deprived New Yorker quickly found her greatest concealer to be sunless tanning. Come Fall 2004 at her sister’s destination wedding, Meredith found a spray tan artist equipped to spray down the wedding party in the privacy of their hotel room. As conveniently as her friends had groceries or wine home delivered after a long day at work, suddenly Meredith envisioned a niche demand, Manhattan’s first mobile spray tan service!

Employing girlfriends as guinea pigs, Meredith scoured every bronze solution and airbrush compressor on the market until perfecting the art of spray tanning. She then solicited upscale hotels in NYC and offered the concierge commission for each appointment booked. Meredith built up Brownberry’s name and quickly got her first debut on Daily Candy in Spring 2005, and the demand ensued.

Ultimately the hefty liability of the bronze solution ruining a rug or sofa amongst the Park Ave elite that she frequented- compounded by the effects of spraying her own ultra sensitive complexion post-Accutane weekly, compelled Meredith to hire a chemist to develop a clear, odorless formula that eliminated such harsh, pore-clogging messes. Within two years Meredith’s clear tanning solution was sold by the gallon to airbrush tanning spas and salons across the country, leading to the evolution of Brownberry’s product line.

Now, all women can fearlessly achieve the flawless results that once only came from an airbrush compressor. Meredith ensures all her products are dermatologist tested and contain only the finest naturally derived ingredients. Brownberry’s sophisticated technology is redefining sunless self- tanning worldwide by making application easy, reliable and fast.

Of course, without Meredith’s adoring Nana there would be no Brownberry name. Before BlackBerrys and Pinkberrys, she’d grab little Meredith’s jowls and shriek after every sun-filled vacation, “You’re my beautiful, healthy little Brownberry!” A safe, healthy glow is a promise and tribute to her Nana that is now carried on in Brownberry’s innovative sun care line.

For more information contact: Meredith Fish | |

Inbound Linking with Social Media and Geo-Location

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No matter how the search engine algorithms (formulas that determine website page rankings) change, you can be certain that a certain percentage of that algorithm will always depend on the number of reliable inbound links that are available to your website. The more traffic you receive from these referral websites, the better your page ranking – period. There are a number of different companies that offer tools that will allow you to easily register and manage all of your business listings, however, these tools come with a pretty robust price tag. You could be paying anywhere from $36 a year for just one listing to $480 a year for multiple listings. This would be a good option if your business listing changes often, however, most of the most popular geo-location and social media sites have free registration options. WebDevLite has social media packages that can register your business at a fraction of the cost of the aforementioned aggregators. The other option would be for your business team to register your business with each site using the reference that we have created for you below. Keep in mind that these are the most basic and simple registrations available. With most of these options, you will have an opportunity to upgrade and/or advertise. WebDevLite’s recommendations for upgrading and/or advertising with any of these services are based on a business demographics, business goals, website goals and existing website reach analysis. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our recommendations for you.

Social Media Sites Geo-Location Sites

  • Go to:
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Sign Up] button

* Note that FB allows only one login per user. You can not have a personal and a business login.

Once signed up and logged in, you will want to create a business page as follows:

  • Go to:
  • Select the type of business you are
  • Enter your business name in the field provided
  • Read through the Facebook Pages Terms and select the ‘I agree to Facebook Pages Terms’ checkbox
  • Click the [Get Started] button
  • Fill out the following page form’s required fields
  • Click the [Save Info] button
  • Upload a profile picture *recommended – and click next
  • Add to favorites *recommended – and click next
  • Skip the advertising on Facebook option for the time being
Google Places:

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Go to:
  • Click the ‘add business’ link
  • Enter the Country and phone number
  • Click the [Find business information] button
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Submit] button
  • You will be sent a postcard via snail mail
  • Complete the verification process after your receive the postcard

  • Go to
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Create my account] button]
  • Go through the online demo (Twitter Teacher)
  • Select ten people or organizations that complement your business to follow
  • Select five of your friends to follow
  • Add a profile image (your logo) and a short 160 character description
  • click the [Done] button
  • Confirm your email
  • Customize your page under Settings
Bing Places:

  • Go to:‎
  • Sign into your Bing (hotmail or live) account
  • Click the ‘ADD BUSINESS’ link
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Search] button
  • Click the [Create new business] button
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Submit] button
  • You will be sent a postcard via snail mail
  • Complete the verification process after your receive the postcard





Google +:

  • Log into your Google account
  • Go to:
  • Click the [Create a Google+ page] button
  • Pick your business category
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Read through the ‘Pages Terms’ and mark the checkbox if you agree to them
  • Click the [Continue] button
  • Click the [Get Started] button to customize your page
Yahoo Local Listing:

  • Sign into your Yahoo account
  • Click the [Add a Business] button
  • Click the [See Details] button located just under the ‘Yahoo Local Basic Listing’ option
  • Click the [Sign up now] button
  • Enter your account information in the required fields
  • Click the [Next] button
  • Enter your business information in the required fields
  • Read the Terms of Service for basic listings and small businesses and mark the checkbox if you agree to the terms
  • Click the [Submit information] button
  • Get a verification code via email, phone, text or postal mail and enter it in the Complete Verification area
  • Click the [Verify Code] button

  • Go to:
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Join LinkedIn] button
  • Create your profile
  • Add a supported email address to help you find contacts
  • Confirm your email address
  • Choose Basic (Free) Account Option
  • Follow the prompts to complete your profile
  • When complete, add a Company page at
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Next] button
  • Confirm your business email address
  • Set up your business page

  • Go to:
  • Under expressupdate click on the [Go to new site] button
  • Enter your business name and click the ‘search’ link
  • Click the ‘Add it now.’ link
  • Enter your information into the required fields
  • Click the [Submit] button
  • Enter your Account information in the required fields
  • Click the [Sign Up] button

  • Go to:
  • *Note if you already have a Pinterest account you can simply click the ‘Convert’ link
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Sign up] button
  • Read through the privacy policy and mark the agree to checkbox if you agree to them
  • Click the [Create Account] or [Convert Account] button
  • Start pinning by setting up relevant boards to your business category

  • Go to:
  • First search for your business
  • Click the ‘Add your business to Yelp’ link
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Add] button
  • Confirm your email
Merchant Circle:

  • Go to
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Claim This Business Listing] button
  • Verify your email

  • Go to:;jsessionid=02939990573BD986FA7A415CAE50AD64.app4-a2
  • Enter your business phone number and click the [find my business] button
  • Next to the ‘Add your business’ option, click the [select] button
  • Click the [next] button
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [continue] button
  • Verify your email

  • Go to:
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Click the [Sign up] button
  • Enter your age and read through the privacy policy and mark the understand checkbox if you agree to them
  • Click the [Done!] button
  • Follow the prompts to create your blog and follow relevant blogs
  • Verify your email

  • Go to:
  • Enter your information into the required fields
  • Click the [Next >>] button
  • Enter Categories and Business information
  • Click the [Next >>] button
  • Enter your Business info
  • Click the [Next >>] button
  • Add your Free Listing password twice
  • Click the [Confirm Listing] button
:MySpace: FourSquare:
:Instagram: eLocal:
: ezLocal:
: DexKnows: To claim your free listing call 1-877-433-9249

Email Marketing in WordPress

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With so many options for Email Marketing, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to determine which program would work best for your needs.  As an Agency, we support many of the most popular Email Marketing programs including iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AWeber, Mailchimp, Wysija and SendPress, just to name a few.  We believe the best bang for your buck is with Mailchimp, our new favorite Email Marketing solution. We have developed the following comparison chart to help you determine which Email Marketing solution to integrate with your website:

Solution Name Monthly Pricing Templates Reporting Other Features Pros vs. Cons
Mailchimp 0-2,000 Contacts, 12,000 emails: FREE* 500 Contacts, Unlimited emails: $10 501-1,000, Unlimited: $15 1,001-2,500, Unlimited: $30 2,501-5,000, Unlimited: $50 5,001-10,000, Unlimited: $75> 7,501-25,000, Unlimited: $150 > 25,000, Unlimited: $240Transactional email pricing available >400 pre-designed templates upload a custom template basic template drag and drop template creation code your own Performance Interactive Trends Activity Revenue Geo-Opens Bounces Unsubscribes Industry Comparison Click Maps Google Analytics Integration AB Testing Custom Forms Merge tags AutoResponders Spam filter diagnostics Timezone delivery RSS to email Campaign Archives Social Pro Social Sharing Mobile Support (coupon codes, sms) Multi-user accounts Pros: Feature Set, Ease of Use, Help & Support, Campaign Reporting, pre-pay option Cons: WP Integration is not for the novice. Not many plugins available and the free plugins have some formatting issues
iContact 0-250 Contacts: $10 251-500 Contacts: $14 501-1,000 Contacts: $19 1,001-2,500 Contacts: $29 2,501-5,000 Contacts: $47 5,001-10,000 Contacts: $74 10,001-15,000 Contacts: $109 15% discount for Annual Membership > 600 pre-designed templates Messagebuilder MessageCoder Email Impact Email to Social Impact Contact-Level Tracking Segmentation Message Trending Social Media Posts AutoReponders Publish to Web Image Hosting Mail-Merge Personalization Sign-up Forms SpamCheck Split Testing Tracking Pros: Intuitive and simple for all types of users Cons: Does not track conversion rates
Benchmark Email Send Based  600 emails: $9.95 1,000 emails: 12.95 2,500 emails: $19.95 3,500 emails: $25 5,000 emails: $35 10,000 emails: $60 25,000 emails: $112 50,000 emails: $200 100,000 emails: $375List Based 600 Contacts: $11.95 1,000 Contacts: $18.95 2,500 Contacts: $28.95 3,500 Contacts: $39.95 5,000 Contacts: $46.95 10,000 Contacts: $73.95 20,000 Contacts: $120.95 30,000 Contacts: $179.95 50,000 Contacts: $230.95 75,000 Contacts: $339.95 100,000 Contacts: $460 High Volume (>150,000 emails) starts at $399 with 4 Million emails at $4,000Non-profits receive a 25% discount > 400 customizable templates Drag & drop editor Open, Click and Bounce Tracking Past email campaign comparisons Geographic map Real-time reports Contact list management Mobile email Marketing Plugins and Apps Autoresponders Social Media Dedicated email server Signup Forms Email deliverability Surveys & polls AB Testing Pros: Supports video, imagery and customization unique to your company
Cons: Does not track conversion rates (but can integrate with Google Analytics for this information)
Constant Contact 0-500 Contacts: $15
501-2,500 Contacts: $30
2,500-5,000 Contacts: $50
5,001-10,000 Contacts: $75
10,000+ Contacts: Pricing Available10% off for 6 month pre-pay
15% off for 12 month pre-pay
hundreds of customizable templates
Drag & drop editor
Image Editing & Storage
MyLibrary Plus is $5/mo with access to over 4,000 images plus 50MB of storage
Benchmark reports
Email marketing metrics
Integrate with GA
Contact Management
Apps & Integration
Email & Social Media Integration
Comprehensive tech report and resources
Pros: Various design options including CSS, XHTML or Designer mode.
Cons: Email does not directly provide GA reporting
Mad Mimi 0-500 Contacts: $10
501-1,000 Contacts: $12
1,000-2,500 Contacts: $16
2,500-5,000 Contacts: $27
5,001-10,000 Contacts: $42
10,001-15,000 Contacts: $59
15,001-25,000 Contacts: $89
25,001-35,000 Contacts: $139
35,001-50,000 Contacts: $199
50,001-75,000, 750K Emails: $279
75,001-100,000, 1 Mil Emails: $369
101,000-150,000, 1.5 Mil Emails: $549
151,001-250,000, 2.5 Mil Emails: $749
$251,000-350,000, 3.5 Mil Emails: $1,049
Simple uncluttered templates
Themes and modules
Real-time tracking
Email campaign comparison
Facebook signup
Drip Campaigns
Social Links
Signup IPs
Display Names
Promotion Tweaks
RSS to Email
Google Analytics Integration
Mailer API
Other App Integrations (Etsy, Survey Monkey, Highrise, Batchbook, Freshbooks, Salesforce, Zoho CRM)
Pros: Easy to use campaign creator with > 35 color themes and > 39 social media integrations.  Over 21 add-ons available.
Cons: Somewhat restrictive design for advanced designers.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

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Included in all of our Website packages is our Search Engine Optimization best practices.  Although the top search engines ranking algorithm (formula for  displaying search results) periodically changes, many of these best practices remain the same.

  1. Generate XML sitemap and publish to the website. 

    XML Sitemap

    Allows the search engines to accurately crawl your website.
  2. Generate html sitemap and add to the website footer
  3. Create Robots.txt file and publish to the website 


    Tells web crawlers, spiders and web robots that search the web for data, where NOT to go. It protect sensitive data, images, etc. from being crawled and returned in a web search.
  4. Register website with, the Open Directory Project from Mozilla
  5. Register website with top three search engines
  6. Create a Webmaster account with top three search engines
  7. Add unique titles and meta descriptions to every web page on the site
  8. Create at least three Inbound Links (IBL)*

    Inbound Linking

    Inbound linking or backlinking is a hyperlink that links from another domain’s web page, back to your own website and helps determine the porularity or importance of your website.
  9. Create at least one Social Media page and add a link to the website*
  10. Create at least one geo-location platform link*

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of Website Design and should be considered as an equal component to website design and website usability.  Depending on your target audience, design might not be as important as optimizing your website for Organic (free) searches.  Your goal is to get traffic to your site, to continuously increase your monthly unique visitors to your site (dynamic content, IBLs, meta data and content with relevant keywords, social media sharing, etc.).  Once a new visitor is on your site, your goal should be to keep them there and ultimately have them convert to a sale or lead (design, content and usability).  Your website audience should be able to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for and any call to action should be a prominent persistent element on every page of your website.  These are just some of the best practices that WebDevLite uses when designing and developing your website.

* Our Website Package Services include at least three inbound links, at least one social media page and at least one geo-location platform set up, however, we have options and pricing for adding more on our website maintenance page.  Your websites’s organic search rankings can dramatically improve when you add more relevant inbound links, social media pages and geo-location platforms if they are set up correctly.