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Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

By on Aug 29, 2013 in Organic Search, Search Engine Marketing |

Included in all of our Website packages is our Search Engine Optimization best practices.  Although the top search engines ranking algorithm (formula for  displaying search results) periodically changes, many of these best practices remain the same.

  1. Generate XML sitemap and publish to the website. 

    XML Sitemap

    Allows the search engines to accurately crawl your website.
  2. Generate html sitemap and add to the website footer
  3. Create Robots.txt file and publish to the website 


    Tells web crawlers, spiders and web robots that search the web for data, where NOT to go. It protect sensitive data, images, etc. from being crawled and returned in a web search.
  4. Register website with, the Open Directory Project from Mozilla
  5. Register website with top three search engines
  6. Create a Webmaster account with top three search engines
  7. Add unique titles and meta descriptions to every web page on the site
  8. Create at least three Inbound Links (IBL)*

    Inbound Linking

    Inbound linking or backlinking is a hyperlink that links from another domain’s web page, back to your own website and helps determine the porularity or importance of your website.
  9. Create at least one Social Media page and add a link to the website*
  10. Create at least one geo-location platform link*

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of Website Design and should be considered as an equal component to website design and website usability.  Depending on your target audience, design might not be as important as optimizing your website for Organic (free) searches.  Your goal is to get traffic to your site, to continuously increase your monthly unique visitors to your site (dynamic content, IBLs, meta data and content with relevant keywords, social media sharing, etc.).  Once a new visitor is on your site, your goal should be to keep them there and ultimately have them convert to a sale or lead (design, content and usability).  Your website audience should be able to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for and any call to action should be a prominent persistent element on every page of your website.  These are just some of the best practices that WebDevLite uses when designing and developing your website.

* Our Website Package Services include at least three inbound links, at least one social media page and at least one geo-location platform set up, however, we have options and pricing for adding more on our website maintenance page.  Your websites’s organic search rankings can dramatically improve when you add more relevant inbound links, social media pages and geo-location platforms if they are set up correctly.