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Is your Website ready for the Holidays?

Is your Website ready for the Holidays?

By on Oct 25, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Rate, eCommerce, Email Markeitng, Social Media |

It is hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner…. again!  Everyone is starting to look for holiday offers now.  There are so many options for merchants selling retail and services on the Web to help them get the traffic and conversions they are hoping for.  Below, we have listed some of WebDevLite’s recommendations to help you get ready for the Holidays:

  1. Create a Holiday offer schedule.  You could have three or four different offers for the holidays that you rotate through on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.  We have found that sitewide percent off and free shipping are the most successful offers, but you could do percent off a specific brand, category or service as well.  BOGO and free gifts with purchase can help drive sales as well.  We have found that specific product sales do not perform as well unless the product is in high demand.  There are many different options with regards to offering a discount or something extra to push that sale.  WebDevLite can review the products and services that you offer and make recommendations.
  2. Share an Offer.  Take advantage of this time of the year to share your offers and ask your customers to share their offers with their friends.  In return, offer them a little ‘thanks for sharing’ bonus.  This is a great strategy for increasing your ‘likes’ & ‘followers’ as well as sales.  WebDevLite would be happy to help you implement this functionality on your site.
  3. Dynamic Retargeting or Remarketing  Have you ever noticed that there are some websites that you visit that display ads for merchants that you have engaged with in the recent past?  In this scenario, you are experiencing, first-hand, how retargeting works, and it is a great resource for improving your conversion rate and increasing ROI by targeting a more qualified audience based on past activity.  We can recommend the best re-targeting / re-marketing service for your needs as well as assist you with setting up your campaigns.
  4. Affiliate Marketing for the holidays.  This is the best time of year for Affiliate marketers.  Everyone is looking for an offer this time of year.  Loyalty or cash back websites are getting more and more popular because they provide some type of kickback to their visitors.  They are generally free for the consumer to sign up, they partner with thousands of merchants in all different categories, their websites are well-organized, provide great offers year-round and even better offers for the holidays, and they offer a percentage in cash, rewards or charity donations back to the consumer.  The Affiliates (loyalty sites) are happy because they receive a percentage of every sale, the Consumer is happy because they receive a discount and some type of reward, and the Merchant is happy because they generally increase sales up to 15 % as well as find many new customers that they wouldn’t have otherwise reached without the Affiliate’s help.  WebDevLite can help you get started with your Affiliate Marketing Campaign and even assist you in managing it year-round.
  5. Create interest around your products and services via compelling stories, imagery, video and/or updates.  Social media updates, email marketing, videos, Pinterest imagery, and blog entries can really help increase your ROI if you keep it fresh, fun, fancy and frequent (The four Fs).  These are great strategies for sharing your offers and creating a buzz for new products or holiday specific items.  If you could get just one entry to go viral, you have done your job!  Guess what?  We can help you get creative and even assist with your daily, weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly updates.
  6. Contests and Giveaways.  Everyone loves a freebie.  Contests are fun!  This is a great time of year to participate in contests and giveaways.  Whether you want to host your own Twitter party or partner with various popular blogs that are interested in giving away your products to help drive traffic to your site, you can be sure to increase traffic, conversions and ROI if you do it right.  Allow WebDevLite to assist you with recommending a strategy that would work best for your company and your products/services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about these holiday strategies and request your proposal!