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Email Marketing in WordPress

By on Sep 23, 2013 in Blog, Email Markeitng, Search Engine Marketing |

With so many options for Email Marketing, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to determine which program would work best for your needs.  As an Agency, we support many of the most popular Email Marketing programs including iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AWeber, Mailchimp, Wysija and SendPress, just to name a few.  We believe the best bang for your buck is with Mailchimp, our new favorite Email Marketing solution. We have developed the following comparison chart to help you determine which Email Marketing solution to integrate with your website:

Solution Name Monthly Pricing Templates Reporting Other Features Pros vs. Cons
Mailchimp 0-2,000 Contacts, 12,000 emails: FREE* 500 Contacts, Unlimited emails: $10 501-1,000, Unlimited: $15 1,001-2,500, Unlimited: $30 2,501-5,000, Unlimited: $50 5,001-10,000, Unlimited: $75> 7,501-25,000, Unlimited: $150 > 25,000, Unlimited: $240Transactional email pricing available >400 pre-designed templates upload a custom template basic template drag and drop template creation code your own Performance Interactive Trends Activity Revenue Geo-Opens Bounces Unsubscribes Industry Comparison Click Maps Google Analytics Integration AB Testing Custom Forms Merge tags AutoResponders Spam filter diagnostics Timezone delivery RSS to email Campaign Archives Social Pro Social Sharing Mobile Support (coupon codes, sms) Multi-user accounts Pros: Feature Set, Ease of Use, Help & Support, Campaign Reporting, pre-pay option Cons: WP Integration is not for the novice. Not many plugins available and the free plugins have some formatting issues
iContact 0-250 Contacts: $10 251-500 Contacts: $14 501-1,000 Contacts: $19 1,001-2,500 Contacts: $29 2,501-5,000 Contacts: $47 5,001-10,000 Contacts: $74 10,001-15,000 Contacts: $109 15% discount for Annual Membership > 600 pre-designed templates Messagebuilder MessageCoder Email Impact Email to Social Impact Contact-Level Tracking Segmentation Message Trending Social Media Posts AutoReponders Publish to Web Image Hosting Mail-Merge Personalization Sign-up Forms SpamCheck Split Testing Tracking Pros: Intuitive and simple for all types of users Cons: Does not track conversion rates
Benchmark Email Send Based  600 emails: $9.95 1,000 emails: 12.95 2,500 emails: $19.95 3,500 emails: $25 5,000 emails: $35 10,000 emails: $60 25,000 emails: $112 50,000 emails: $200 100,000 emails: $375List Based 600 Contacts: $11.95 1,000 Contacts: $18.95 2,500 Contacts: $28.95 3,500 Contacts: $39.95 5,000 Contacts: $46.95 10,000 Contacts: $73.95 20,000 Contacts: $120.95 30,000 Contacts: $179.95 50,000 Contacts: $230.95 75,000 Contacts: $339.95 100,000 Contacts: $460 High Volume (>150,000 emails) starts at $399 with 4 Million emails at $4,000Non-profits receive a 25% discount > 400 customizable templates Drag & drop editor Open, Click and Bounce Tracking Past email campaign comparisons Geographic map Real-time reports Contact list management Mobile email Marketing Plugins and Apps Autoresponders Social Media Dedicated email server Signup Forms Email deliverability Surveys & polls AB Testing Pros: Supports video, imagery and customization unique to your company
Cons: Does not track conversion rates (but can integrate with Google Analytics for this information)
Constant Contact 0-500 Contacts: $15
501-2,500 Contacts: $30
2,500-5,000 Contacts: $50
5,001-10,000 Contacts: $75
10,000+ Contacts: Pricing Available10% off for 6 month pre-pay
15% off for 12 month pre-pay
hundreds of customizable templates
Drag & drop editor
Image Editing & Storage
MyLibrary Plus is $5/mo with access to over 4,000 images plus 50MB of storage
Benchmark reports
Email marketing metrics
Integrate with GA
Contact Management
Apps & Integration
Email & Social Media Integration
Comprehensive tech report and resources
Pros: Various design options including CSS, XHTML or Designer mode.
Cons: Email does not directly provide GA reporting
Mad Mimi 0-500 Contacts: $10
501-1,000 Contacts: $12
1,000-2,500 Contacts: $16
2,500-5,000 Contacts: $27
5,001-10,000 Contacts: $42
10,001-15,000 Contacts: $59
15,001-25,000 Contacts: $89
25,001-35,000 Contacts: $139
35,001-50,000 Contacts: $199
50,001-75,000, 750K Emails: $279
75,001-100,000, 1 Mil Emails: $369
101,000-150,000, 1.5 Mil Emails: $549
151,001-250,000, 2.5 Mil Emails: $749
$251,000-350,000, 3.5 Mil Emails: $1,049
Simple uncluttered templates
Themes and modules
Real-time tracking
Email campaign comparison
Facebook signup
Drip Campaigns
Social Links
Signup IPs
Display Names
Promotion Tweaks
RSS to Email
Google Analytics Integration
Mailer API
Other App Integrations (Etsy, Survey Monkey, Highrise, Batchbook, Freshbooks, Salesforce, Zoho CRM)
Pros: Easy to use campaign creator with > 35 color themes and > 39 social media integrations.  Over 21 add-ons available.
Cons: Somewhat restrictive design for advanced designers.